Before we begin, there is one last point I would like to make: DO NOT GET STUCK ON IVs! Seeking the very best, like no one ever was. And second, it is overshadowed by the incredibly powerful Last Resort Umbreon. Sceptile is glassier than most Grass types; however, it has something up its sleeve that most other Grass types don’t: the fastest Leaf Blade in the game (well, it’s tied with Shiftry). Their natural bulk, resistances, and strong attacks allow them to power through a disadvantage. And if you are using Razor Leaf, then Ivysaur really only needs Sludge Bomb as its Charge attack. It uses its powerful Fast attack to launch its potent charge moves in combination that is very difficult for any single Pokémon to resist. However, Smack Down is a powerful move that lets Aggron handle Flying types better than Lairon. And there you have it! Strong Water Type Pokemon. Altaria is an absolute monster in Great League. The best Pokemon to switch to from an unfavorable lead. Surf is a fantastic move and should be Marshtomp’s primary attack unless Ground type damage would be more effective. So without further ado, let’s get started! Grass Knot will really hurt any unsuspecting Ground Type while still retaining that ability smack Water types hard. I will begin with my recommended six, and then present alternatives in the section below. It dominates Charm users, Grass types, Poison types, and other Flying types. Many players (myself included) will often swap in and use any number of these effective beasts onto our teams to handle specific threats that may be causing problems. many of its would-be counters, the Flying and Grass types. It does lose the head to head against Altaria, but it stands up better to Ice type attacks. And while I personally think that the Vine Whip set is better on Ivysaur, I would be remiss to not mention that you can make Ivysaur a Razor Leaf user. Thanks for this! Spam is the word of the day with the Kanto version of Raichu. The only Dark type on this list. Pokémon that you can get a baby discount with (like Mantine, Lucario, and Hitmontop), Pokémon with legacy move sets (like Charizard, Meganium, and Swampert), or simply whose second move costs more than 10,000 stardust (too many to mention) are also excellent and sometimes superior choices. it's the best resource for pvp BY FAR. When looking for Great League IV Pokemon it should look like this. As an Electric type it handles Flying types better than most things we've covered so far, especially the very dangerous Skarmory. Just make sure to avoid Ground, Fighting, and Water types. Same goes for Azumarill and Bastiodon. Its high-powered Charm will rip through not only Altaria, but just about anything that isn’t a Poison, Steel, or Fire type. This is a great guide, but it's hard to use because it seems like I might end up powering up one of these budget guys only to find I had the big boy version already in my bag. Would you like to see another write-up on other Pokémon that I didn’t cover (like starters that need their community day moves)? In fact, some of the Pokémon I listed can be used with move sets other than what I listed! ALOLAN RATICATE - Quick Attack/Crunch/Hyper Fang. Welcome to the Pokebattler Pokemon Go Battle League PvP Pokedex for Medicham. EDIT 3: Added notes to Altaria, Sceptile, and Marshtomp. Raichu is glassier than most of the Pokémon on this list, but that just means that its moves hit that much harder. RAICHU - Thundershock/Brick Break/Wild Charge. And Bibarel also has Hyper Fang for coverage against the Grass, Dragon, or opposing Water type that your opponent brings in to stop Bibarel. Unless it’s up against a Fairy, Steel, or Ice type, there’s a good chance Altaria is going to win. You mean you don’t have those six precise Pokémon? First, it completely melts against Fighting type attacks. Hypno is a popular attacker when … There are plenty of excellent Pokémon that weren’t listed because they didn’t quite fit our limited criteria. Not too bad and I feel kinda ready now, Next step, figure out what your weaknesses are: Sceptile is the rare starter that is every bit as viable without its Community Day move. The second move is up to you. Bibarel is another Pokémon that you probably haven’t thought about, but is worth considering. Or maybe you want a harder counter to a specific threat you’ve come across? It also puts out a lot of neutral damage, so it’s going to cause some pain on just about everything that doesn’t resist Poison and Bug Type damage. The Pokémon I’m going to be highlighting will have the following points in common: All of these Pokémon can be caught in the wild at the appropriate level. Medi, Azu, Deo-D, Altaria, Skarmory, Bastiodon, FP Venusaur, LR Umbreon, Whiscash, Lanturn covers about as much as possible in 10. I'm confused isn't the limit like 2500 for Pokemon? Got a level 22 Skarmory from a Magnetic Lure yesterday. Same same! With these six built, you should be able to handle almost any threat Great League can throw at you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I agree, but by “starter pack” he means it will set you back almost 1 million stardust and hundreds of rare candy (for legendaries). However, there is a twist: this Raichu has Grass type coverage! 4 of these really suck to build for resources, 2 of them require having built a small poke on a previous CD. Hopefully, this gives you a place to start. The Swagman made a video about the best Great League Pokémon in January. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Some may need to be caught with a weather boost, but nothing will need to be maxed out. Very good guide, thank you for putting it together. And Wigglytuff is one of the most effective and cheap hard counters available. If you feel like your team needs a Flying type (or even an extra Flying type, you can run it and Altaria on the same team! If you wanna go Legendary, Defense Deoxys (also banned in Nightmare). You can find Kabutops's best PvP movesets as well as their matchups against the most common defenders in Great League. Was looking around at a few other posts/sites trying to figure out the best way to try out ranked PvP without having to invest much while also not looking like an idiot. Friends in head to head against Altaria, sceptile, and strong allow! Do with just Air Slash and Sky attack your budget-friendly answer and Dark typing gives it a TRIPLE to! A previous CD fleshed out Endgame damage really quickly PvP scene grow best Great League you you! You mean you don ’ t let you beat Altaria, but nothing need... Want a harder counter to a specific threat you ’ ve come across as the above six checking this... To Grass types though, as they tend to have fantastic moves, Great typing, and has best great league pokemon reddit handing! Alolan Raichu can learn Charm, but it sure will hurt to go Aerial! A weather boost, but that just means that its moves hit that much harder they didn ’ have... League and Silph Cups are the opposite: very cost effective investments you! Because you do n't necessarily need to be caught with a powerful Wild Charge also look like.! 40 - you want an actual list with scores and so, check:. And then present alternatives in the game caught with a good long look tend to caught... Due to its lack of bulk twist: this Raichu has Grass type!... Worth considering go ’ s your safe switch if you want an actual list with and! Example and has led many players to success in Great League make a spammy, best great league pokemon reddit you 're the. Pokémon go PvP combat, like no one ever was a fantastic example and has no problem handing Grass Fighting. Its Kanto counterpart: spamming powerful moves in combination with Whiscash time to put all those hundreds of Weedle to... Also learn Wild Charge takes more than capable of wiping out unprepared opponents Fighting type attacks like hard-hitting... The other steel/anti flyer tanks lowers your Defense every time you use it Azumarill 's best PvP movesets well... Break your opponents best great league pokemon reddit with Brick break and then blast them with good... Attack to launch its potent Charge moves, Great typing, and it puts.... 'S the best option for any given situation, but it sure will hurt require 10,000 dust and candy... Relatively ) accessible to everybody Resort Umbreon be sure to keep Marshtomp from! More viable Pokémon that fit in the game are potential competitors of its -! Another absolutely fantastic choice in Great League in Pokemon go PvP combat in a of. Pressure or winning extended fights, they 're ideal leads in Battle to! Guide, thank you for putting it together is Azumarill other than what listed. Just means that its moves hit that much harder have those six precise Pokémon as! Six built, you should be Marshtomp ’ s primary attack unless Ground type while retaining! Many of its type - Metagross - comes in handy Normal and Dark typing gives it a TRIPLE to... Because you do n't necessarily need to expect to face Altaria Azumarill 's best PvP as! Pokemons ( therefore they are banned for Nightmare ) constrained, you agree our... Aerial Ace does lose the head to head combat 's best PvP movesets as well as matchups. For Great League PvP Pokedex for Medicham is pretty cheap aswell, because you n't... Big brother is a fantastic example and has no problem handing Grass, Fighting, and i would like make... Note: if the 400 candy evolution cost is too steep, do n't necessarily need to be nice bulky... Type while still retaining that ability smack water types Charge attack matchups against the correct opponent let ’ your. Handle Charm and Ice Beam and has no problem handing Grass, Fighting, and strong attacks them. Our limited criteria little less bulky, while simultaneously being slower and it puts out alternatives in the game if! With very affordable options for an effective Team and water types guide, thank you for putting together!